Karuna Domestic Workers Welfare Trust » Objectives

Karuna Domestic Workers Welfare Trust presently works in Ten districts of Karnataka with the following objectives:

  • To educate domestic workers about their rights and duties as workers.
  • To empower domestic workers to fight for their recognition, identify their common, work-related issues and seek solutions through self-help groups.
  • To provide medical and legal aid for domestic workers.
  • To advocate for the acknowledgement of domestic work as a respectable occupation by the public, employers and the government.
  • To campaign and lobby the government to enact laws for the protection of the rights of domestic workers including fair treatment, wages, benefits and Social Security Schemes.
  • To facilitate proper work contracts for domestic workers to ensure fairness from their employers.
  • To restore the rights of children in domestic work and provide them with opportunities to create a positive future through care and education.
  • To network with other NGOs and institutions in Karnataka to build up a forum to tackle issues of women and children in domestic work.