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Gruhakarmikara Makkala Kendra

Our Children’s Home is called Gruhakarmikara Makkala Kendra or GMK and we stand for children who are deprived of their childhood and are in distress. We aim to restore the rights of children and are against child labour.

We aim to convert all negative experiences into positive experiences such as rejection into acceptance, illiteracy into education, loneliness into companionship, sadness into joy and timidity into confidence.

GMK provides…

    • A ray of hope to children to believe that another world is possible.
    • Opportunity to grow as children with the security of a home.
    • Strong emotional bonding through games and such child friendly activities.
    • Conducive environment and professional accompaniment for children to come out of their trauma through counseling and psychiatric treatment if needed.
    • Assurance of love and care for children that instill in them the courage to face the new future with confidence.